Welcome to Coffee with Chloe!

My name is Chloe VanGerpen. I’m a junior at Augustana University in Sioux Falls, S.D., where I’m majoring in journalism, communication and media studies.

Here on Coffee with Chloe, you’ll find two types of blog posts: feature stories and personal posts. Features can be found on the Feature Brew page and personal posts can be found on the Blonde Roast page.

During my sophomore year, I enrolled in multimedia journalism and started this blog with the intent of writing feature stories. I expanded my blog to include personal posts so my readers could get to know me better.


I grew up on a farm in southeast South Dakota with my parents and eight older siblings. After graduating high school, I packed up my Ford Focus and traveled to Augustana University.

I am a Student Life Editor and the Design Editor of the award-winning Augustana yearbook. You can check out some of my designs here! When I’m not at class in the humanities building, I’m working in the division office.

Me sitting on the Augustana University sign outside the Froiland Science Complex.

In my free time, I hang out at my favorite coffee shops, where the baristas know me by name.

The beans are ground and the carafe is full. Let’s brew.