Introduction: Coffee with Chloe

A hazelnut soy latte from Coffea Roasterie.

“What are you passionate about?” Professor Janet Blank-Libra asked. “That’s what you need to blog about.”

During the last week as I struggled to decide on a blog theme, I asked my closest friends and family what I am passionate about. Everyone said, “coffee.”

Well that’s not a good blog theme, friends. Yet, that’s all I had to work with and they weren’t wrong: I average seven cups of coffee per day.

“That’s not a theme,” I told them in exasperation. “I love it, but how do I write about it?”

I believed I couldn’t write about something so simple as coffee – but I don’t have to write about it, I can just write over it.

While writing this blog, I will be having discussions with influential people over a cup of joe. I will focus on my friends and family, but occasionally my “coffee with” subject will be my opinions on the actions or words of a celebrity.

My life was shaped by countless people, guiding me to this spot in my dorm room windowsill where I frequently sit with a Folgers and gaze at the Minnesota Avenue streetlights.

Coffee and a college campus view

As an introvert, I struggle to verbalize my appreciation to these life-shaping people, but I have never struggled with writing my appreciation. This is my thank you for the wisdom, support and of course, the coffee, that made me who I am.

Over the course of this blog, I expect to change and I welcome it. As I meet with people who shaped my life, what they say now may totally alter how I view them and force me to question myself; I’ll write about that, too. As we chat and perhaps disagree, I get to learn about people and myself.

Discussion topics will vary between subjects. Please read and let me know what you think. Discussion is important and I encourage you to join me (I’m also happy to make coffee recommendations).

From small town, South Dakota, to the biggest city in South Dakota, my life has been shaped by friends, family and strangers. I’m looking forward to getting to know them on a more personal level and I hope you are, too.

Whether they’re decaf or extra shots, there are some awesome people out there – and I’m lucky to know them.

The beans are ground and the carafe is full. Let’s brew.




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Journalism, communication and media studies major at Augustana University (S.D.). Coffee lover and feature writer.

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