About the Blonde Roast

When Dr. Blank-Libra made my journalism class start blogging, I wasn’t particularly excited about it. I didn’t know what to blog about and struggled to find a theme. Now, after a few months behind my Mac and countless cups of coffee, I want to blog more often.

For that reason, I’m expanding Coffee with Chloe beyond features. I’ll continue to write features about friends and family, but I’ll be adding my own section where I can write about more personal topics. You’ll find my feature stories on the Feature Brew page and personal posts on the Blonde Roast page.

Feature writing is important to me and I love dedicating time to it; however, feature writing doesn’t allow me to write whenever the urge hits. This is the major difference between my blog and others: I select a subject, receive an agreement from the subject, set up a meeting, take pages of notes, set up potential follow-up interviews, start the writing, proof my work, get final approvals and then post – assuming no WordPress lags or Internet crashes. Don’t get me wrong – I love the work, but it’s a lengthy process.

By expanding Coffee with Chloe, I’ll be able to write more often and allow my readers to get to know me better. This isn’t something that occurred to me until recently when one of my older brothers told me I need to open up about myself more. So that’s what I’m going to [try to] do.

I want my feature stories and personal posts to have a connection, though, so when I interview subjects, I’ll ask them to write down a question or idea for me to write about. My subjects always make me think; hopefully by writing about their suggestions, I can show them.

Thanks for reading Coffee with Chloe! Honestly, I probably wouldn’t be expanding this blog if I hadn’t received such wonderful feedback from my readers. Every like, share, comment and page visit has encouraged me to keep writing. If you have any suggestions for blog posts, please comment, email me or use the Contact page to let me know!

Stay tuned for more posts. I’ve got a whole latte of work to do.


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Journalism, communication and media studies major at Augustana University (S.D.). Lover of coffee and writing feature stories.

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