Coffee with Adventure

Beautiful picture in California.

This week, I’m living vicariously through my friends’ Snapchat and Instagram stories. Looking at these, I started reminiscing about trips I’ve taken in the last few years. Today, Coffee with Chloe is a throwback to four memorable trips. Welcome to a few pieces of my past. December 2013: California  In December 2013, my sister moved […]

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Coffee with Lea

Photo by the AU sign.

Lea buys chocolate ice cream, I buy coffee ice cream. She’s a redhead, I’m blonde. She drives a Chevy, I stick to Ford. Her creamer-to-coffee ratio is 5:1, mine is 1:5. She’s Froiland, I’m Humanities. Sixteen years ago, our friendship began. Our friendship grew stronger during high school as we searched for our passions. Lea […]

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Coffee with Emily

Checking out Minneapolis.

“Emily, will you play dollhouse with me?” I looked up at my best friend with my bottom lip puckered slightly, hoping for an innocent puppy face. My 13-year-old sister didn’t hesitate. “Of course!” “Emily, can I interview you for my blog?” I asked (sans puppy dog face). My 25-year-old sister didn’t hesitate. “Of course!” So […]

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Introduction: Coffee with Chloe

A hazelnut soy latte from Coffea Roasterie.

“What are you passionate about?” Professor Janet Blank-Libra asked. “That’s what you need to blog about.” During the last week as I struggled to decide on a blog theme, I asked my closest friends and family what I am passionate about. Everyone said, “coffee.” Well that’s not a good blog theme, friends. Yet, that’s all […]

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