Coffee with Emily (refill)

Checking out Minneapolis.

A few months ago, when Coffee with Chloe started, I interviewed Emily. We talked about her natural empathy and inherent desire to help others learn to help themselves. Now, settled into Josiah’s Coffeehouse, Café & Bakery with dark roast coffees and chocolate chip cookies, we’re continuing the conversation. In 2015, Emily graduated from the University […]

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Coffee with Camden

Holding my giggling nephew.

“Whatcha drinkin’, Chloe?” Camden asked. He watched me sip coffee from a straw. “Coffee,” I said, setting my cup out of his reach. “I don’t drink that, but when I’m bigger I’ll like it,” Camden told me. He resumed playing with his blocks. About a year later, Camden likes drinking “hot chocolate coffee” (which is […]

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Coffee with Caleb

Brother and sister throwback picture

I held a beautifully wrapped package with a card resting on top. Excitement grew inside me as I stared at my birthday present from Luke and Caleb. I unsealed the card’s envelope and scanned the card. The card said, “Happy Anniversary Birthday, Chole!” I stared at my brothers. “Are you kidding me?” I tossed the […]

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Coffee with Adventure

Beautiful picture in California.

This week, I’m living vicariously through my friends’ Snapchat and Instagram stories. Looking at these, I started reminiscing about trips I’ve taken in the last few years. Today, Coffee with Chloe is a throwback to four memorable trips. Welcome to a few pieces of my past. December 2013: California  In December 2013, my sister moved […]

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